Thursday, October 6, 2011

Arshavin: '7 Points Isn't Enough -We Must Improve'

Andrey Arshavin believes Arsenal are still on track despite the various setbacks the team has suffered on their quest to end their barren trophy spell.

Speaking via his official platform the 30-year-old attacking midfielder answered numerous questions posted by his huge fan-base. He also gave a brief but concise explanation for what the Arsenal's plans for the upcoming games are, in respect to their gradual yet steady drop in form. The following is an excerpt from (be sure to visit for the complete interview and more).

Question: "Who do you have the best relationship with in Arsenal?" Arshavin's Answer: "I'm on good terms with all teammates. Earlier, when Cesc (Fabregas) and Samir (Nasri) played for Arsenal, we were on friendly terms, and also with (Nicklas) Bendtner."

Question: "Why did you move deliberately to Arsenal." Arshavin's Answer: "Arsenal is a club with great traditions. I am sure that many players dreamed and dream of playing for it."

Question: "What's going on in Arsenal, what’s the club’s objective? I think that with these changes in the lineup and focus on the young inexperienced players (which is happening every year) it’s unlikely to win trophies even considering Wenger’s talent. I do not understand Arsenal from its point of view or its main goal. It’s a pity that it’s probably quite difficult for you to be in shape and a good mood in such circumstances."

Arshavin's Answer: "What's happening? We are trying to improve a difficult situation we got ourselves into. 7 points is not enough. Now we must try to win every game. Then, after a few rounds, the situation might change dramatically. Something positive? There are other tournaments where our club plays successfully so far."