Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's Been A While Mates

So far so good, It's been a memorable new year for me in particular, except you bring our defeat at craven cottage into perspective.

Got my first job and was fired almost immediately for my inability to live up to my side of the bargain, not that I really needed a low paying job that didn't equate to the number of hours i was expected to spend on the job in question. But I know the experience will be so invaluable to me in the near future. So I think it is safe to say it was fun while it lasted, although I don't mean that last sentence one bit.

Back to Arsenal focus now, we at The Online Emirates are proud to announce that we plan to celebrate the blog's chequered history sometimes in june this year. By the way, we should be four years old by then. God willing, there should be a few giveaways for the most corrosive fan base on the face of this planet.

The second half of this season's Premier League campaign promises to be the most keenly contested in recent years, and hopefully our players will stop consulting the physio's manual whenever they have a mere headache, and prove to us one more time why they must be paid the big bucks.