Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nasri: My partner made me close to Arshavin

Samir Nasri is living the dream, the player says he is enjoying life in London.

The 22-year-old revealed that his friendship with fellow Gunner Andrey Arshavin, is growing stronger everyday because of their partners.
Arshavin's wife, Yulia is a close friend of Nasri's partner Tatiana Golovin, so the pair have taken advantage of the girls friendship to foster theirs.

Nasri told Russian newspaper Sport-Express that their partners met while they were struggling to adapt to life in London: "Tatiana and Yulia are together all the time," he enthused.

When Yulia came to London, it was difficult for her to speak English and Tatiana did all that she could to help. So when our partners want to come together, we have the chance to regularly see each other outside of the stadium.

Nasri spoke kindly of Andrey, he referred to the Russian striker as being kind, generous, quick and smart: "On the pitch Andrey is very technically gifted, quick and smart, and in everyday life he is very kind and generous," he continued.

"It great that we have so much in common, since we are ordinary guys, who don't tend to extravagance.
It's wonderful that fate brought us together in the same team," Samir Nasri concluded.