Thursday, April 29, 2010

Samir Nasri: Mourinho is good, but Wenger is great

Arsenal's French midfielder Samir Nasri has refused to liaise with soccer pundits who beleive Mourinho is better than Wenger.

Jose Mourinho did what Wenger failed to do (employing the right tactics to curtail Barca's free flowing style of play), and the Special one is set to lead Internazionale into their first European Cup final in 38 years.
Despite the feat achieved by the Portuguese manager, Nasri is adamant Jose, is just as good as his mentor.

Samir Nasri told Russian newspaper Sport-Express that other coaches have a long way to go in terms of transforming unknown players into household names: "When I arrived I was only 20-years-old," he enthused.

"I grew up in Marseille, had always lived with my family and, of course, adapting to a new country was difficult," he added.

"The situation is easier when the coach of Arsenal is a Frenchman we talked at length, even before I came to the club, and afterwards too. This helped me to survive the homesickness, which of course came when I started to live in London," Nasri continued.

"Wenger is a really big name in France, I trust him very much and I am very glad to be here."

Nasri says his boss (Arsene Wenger) won't consider the idea of coaching France in the future, even if Raymond Domenech steps down, instead he expects Laurent Blanc (Bordeaux's coach) to take charge of France's national side: "I don't think so, he is too fond of football to work only as a coach," he replied.

"When you lead the national team you meet the players once a month, and only constantly work with them just before and during the big tournaments Arsene wants to be immersed in football every day.

"I think for many years he has done a fantastic job.
Arsene takes a group of players who are not so widely known and makes them masters for all the world to see." the midfielder maintained.

On Jose v Wenger: "I don't doubt for a second that he is one of the best coaches in the world. Only Jose Mourinho is at the same level," the youngster said emphatically.

Nasri came to the defense of his national team boss (Raymond Domenech), claiming the Frenchman was being criticised unfairly: "He's a great coach," Nasri said.

"He was the man who gave me a chance, calling me up as a 19-year-old and taking me to the European Championship at 20.

"I have an excellent relationship with Domenech, but some people really don't understand him. It's a pity because he is a great man and doesn't deserve such treatment," Samir Nasri concluded.