Friday, August 6, 2010

Lets see if Barcelona has other "cheap" options as Cesc Fabregas' signature proves elusive

This is quite funny less than four hours since broke the club's official silence on our skipper's future at North London some major tabloids or preferably Catalunya agitators for Cesc have begun the consideration of other viable plans.

Cesc Fabregas' statement - a bit contradictory on their earlier stance, I thought in particular wouldn't bulge, but it's okay now let's assume their Fab-happy editors were merely doing their job.

I tried not to laugh, but guess what I couldn't help it, for the first time in my chequered career as an ardent Arsenal fan, I actually rejoiced at something that's far from an accomplishment. No matter what you think, this seemingly endless pursuit had the trappings of a political campaign fraught with many errors, in short Barca's bid was destined to fail right from the onset and I'm very pleased we acted according to Script or what else could be done at that point in time? Outright rebuttal would've done the magic, but in typical Arsenal fashion we played the 'by the book' cool guys and handled Joan & Sandro expertly.

After all, our continued association with them might have other long term benefits, I'm sure Wenger considered some of those salient issues like; the friendly history between both clubs, style and pattern of play, and above all their unpaid debt in respect to Henry and Hleb. I think that's why the French tactician didn't bother throwing the bathwater with the baby as some of us will have him do.

Cesc is staying at Arsenal and that's the bottomline. Well, at least for this year, who knows if Iniesta and Xavi will both get crocked in December? I'm just guessing you know. All the best to those people in the know whose expertise Barca needs to spot the short term replacement of their "on loan" midfield orchestrator.