Friday, August 6, 2010

Arsene Wenger explains Arsenal's goalkeeping situation - we won't buy a keeper!

The manager spoke to regarding the somewhat vacant keeper position at the club.

The likes of Manuel Almunia, Wojciech Szczesny, Vito Mannone, Lucasz Fabianski are currently jostling for the post, and the Boss is taking his time in respect to that decision.

"Still players fight for their place," He said. "Tomorrow Fabianski has another opportunity to show that he can play no 1.

"Wojciech is a goalkeeper of huge quality. At the moment we want to play for the title so I believe he needs some more experience to compete directly for the first goalkeeper position.

"But it depends a little bit. We have four goalkeepers, one of them will go out on loan, three have to stay so we do not know yet who will go out."

Oh yeah, We do Boss! It's pretty obvious you're prepared to give Fabianski another chance at proving himself tomorrow in his native Poland, the rule applies to his fellow countryman - the manager thinks Wojciech is a brilliant lad who can coordinate the defence, and probably with the help of some nice tweaking can compete favourably for the #1 position in the near future. There's no mention of Almunia or Mannone joining the fray at all. Who knows, maybe one of 'em is going on loan to Spain?

Or this could possibly be some kind of wild goose chase. By that I mean, the feel good factor - the manager is playing to the gallery and wouldn't divulge this information, especially to the fans if those boys stood a chance of jumping bail.