Saturday, August 21, 2010

HT: Arsenal 3-0 Blackpool (Walcott 2, Arshavin 1)

The Goals

Theo Walcott (2), Andrey Arshavin (1)p

It's three goals for the Arsenal, we created a good number of chances and converted just 3 of those opportunities, earlier on Blackpool showed traces of their resilient character but believe me when I say their best wasn't good enough. They had a few chances of their own, but that's how far that goes.

The defence is responding well to the changes, I'm hugely impressed with their performance especially that of Song and Vermaelen - they've successfully coordinated the defensive proceedings expertly.

For real, I can't believe I'm watching Theo Walcott. The boy has demonstrated his beast traits, and if everything continues at the same rate Blackpool will be in rags by the time the ref sounds the final whistle.

I must admit Marouane Chamakh, is very unlucky not to be on the scoresheets. So far so good the Morocco international has shown traces of brilliance which means it's a matter of time before he grabs that all important League goal.

So many misses, I wish we don't rue our missed chances in the end.

Was Arshavin's penalty legitimate? More of that after the match.