Friday, July 30, 2010

Maybe Arsenal aint Gunner buy a goalkeeper, afterall it's merely a big fuss

Enough of all these unprovoked reaction mates, let's be reasonable because by so doing we might be able to read the crystal clear writing on The Arsenal's transfer wall.

The club won't sign another goalkeeper this summer - my conclusion might be termed fictitious by a lot of misinformed fans, who tend to see with concave glasses as a result of the regrettable misdirection, but in reality it is the stark truth.

Arsenal Fc plans ahead of time unlike what some people think, the likes of Vito Mannone, Lukasz Fabianski and his compatriot Wojciech Szczesny won't be fastened to chariots, and sent on wild goose chases. There will be intense competition this time, and I am pretty sure of that. I know the Boss changes like a chameleon, but I doubt the aforementioned youngsters aren't part of his elaborate scheme of things this forthcoming season.

A lot has been said concerning Manuel Almunia's future at North London. All right, a vast majority of supporters don't like him. Well, their reasons are obvious and to a logical premiss shouldn't be contested, but I think we need to be more discrete in respect to the way and manner we criticise our very own. It's very embarassing to hear our rivals snarl at the disunity amongst us.

It usually reminds me of an age old age "When insiders speak, it is good to listen but when outsiders do. It is good to listen even harder. Having, as they do, the benefit of a clearer view..." I know we can't turn a blind eye, but I think there are other ways; imagine those good old days at Highbury, when our mere chants awakened the ingeniuty of our gladiators. Ray Parlour did it against Chelsea almost a decade ago, Dennis Bergkamp is another notable example, recently we've seen Nicklas Bendtner do his thing against Hull, when did we start hating on our own? Or better still isn't there any other way of punishing our error-prone players, whose only problem lies in their inability to muster enough courage to see out difficult matches.

This isn't about The Arsenal anymore, we are friends to the players we owe them our loyalty. Real Gooners aren't expected to harbour selfish motives. Can't you see? We are only worsening their condition with our incessant rants. Take for example Almunia and Fabianski; The Spaniard goalie lacks confidence and that is a fact, whilst the latter continually fails the stern concentration test. We've got to cheer em up whenever the going gets tough, screaming at em won't help matters - it invariably means we are engineering our downfall, and that doesn't auger down well with our title aspirations.

Martin, Schwarzer, Hart, Green, Enyeama, Marchetti, Akinfeev, Handanovic, Frey, Lloris and Buffon to mention but a few have all being linked at one time or another with a position that is not vacant. Forget the comparison, we must be contented with what we have. Do the stats really prove everything? I sincerely don't buy that idea. Statistics I believe are used in football for the sole purpose of calculating a player's current potential and his/her ability to perform in the future. Preferably you can refer to them as a futuristic way of deriving information. So I'm not going to dwell on hasty generalisations drawn from their usage. We need a brand new goalkeeper - I'm not disputing that, but I think Almunia and co. have learnt a lot from their past mistakes. We've endured five long years of hardship, if we really love the club and what it stands for then I suppose we can sacrifice another for the sheer purpose of finishing its envious project.

Comparing Almunia or any other Gunner to established household names or listing their uncountable faults won't solve our problems. Like I always say "the problem with Arsenal is simply division of labour" somebody has to own up to the team's failure, and usually a mistake that results in a goal must be blamed on the guardian of that flank. We forget quickly that without mistakes there will be no goals, without goals there will be no winners and vice versa.

Let's afford our boys some time, they won't f up this time, they are ready and we must show them that we are also. Let's make some positive noise at
The Emirates, we can start with Ac Milan and Anfield would be like our second home on the opening day.

Gotta run along now guys.