Friday, July 23, 2010

Andrey Arshavin misses football

Just when you think you're the only person on planet Earth clamouring for the resumption of football hostilities, you might as well, consider Andrey Arshavin as your closest ally.

The controversial Russian midfielder is eager to replicate his scoring form against Liverpool as the Premier League season approaches. Arshavin, who is currently in Austria with the rest of his team-mates believes sitting at home for three months during what is usually a busy period in Russia is the true definition of boredom.
Unlike the Premier League and other European Leagues, matches in the Russian Premier League are played from March to November, in order to avoid the preceding harsh weather conditions associated with winter.

Arshavin spoke voluminously concerning the training conditions at Arsenal, the boring summer break, and his readiness for the forthcoming Premier League task.

He was quoted by Boris Levin as saying the following in respect to this question - If new or different training programs will be introduced this year at Arsenal?

He replied thus:

The training program will be the same as last year's. The manager and physical trainers ensure we train extensively in preparation for the Championship. The only difference this year is the fact that many players were at the World Cup - they've returned to the team and the schedule has been adjusted accordingly.

Today alone, we'll have an evening work out, most of the players that've returned from the World Cup will join this group, although they've been training before, but on an individual basis.

Anyway the exercises are still the same, and our finalists (Cesc Fabregas & Robin Van Persie) are yet to resume fully with the rest of the squad.