Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nigeria might join Ivory Coast and Cameroon soon, Oh! I hate the Nff

Nigeria's feverish nightmare at the Fifa 2010 World Cup in South Africa might come to a rather rousing end, and prospective buyers will be opportuned to break Israel's transfer record for the services of Hapoel Tel Aviv's shot-stopper Vincent Enyeama.

The Israeli outfit believes they have succeeded in securing the future of their goalie. Hapoel are reported to have placed a paltry transfer fee of £5m on Enyeama, who doubles as their playmaker. The Nigeria international scored five goals for his club from the penalty spot en route to their historic double last season.

The 27-year old's club is probably beating around the bush! They obviously plan to scare Europe's top guns by such a meagre sum. Excluding the bargain-inclined Arsenal, who might use one of their numerous options to force Israel's Ligat Ha'al holders to reduce their "exorbitant" valuation.

Anyway, Nigeria's time at the World Cup should be over soon. So, I can properly be rid of my affection towards the boring tournament, and concentrate on the more pressing issues at hand.

I'm fed up with our national team's excuses. How many times do we need to ride on the success of another team to progress? Aren't we ashamed of ourselves? Those ungrateful mugs have turned the ordinary laymen into sophisticated statisticians, who now watch them play with mathematical tools such as; calculators, jotters and pens in the eventuality of an almost inevitable drawback.

Did they commit any wrong for daring to love the beautiful round leather game? Certainly no! Why must we be contented with the possibility of setting an uncanny record (qualifying with 3pts) at the ongoing Mundial for our unborn generations to peruse?

There are so many questions begging for answers. So far so good, the Glass-house has succeeded in fooling us into believing they are working towards the progress of football in Nigeria, when the reverse is actually the case.

The charade called the Nigeria Football Federation, whom I hear are the elite body of the nation's most followed sport have clearly shown utter disregard for the game.

I am reiterating this clarion call for the umpteenth time! Those pot-bellied idiots lack commitment and vision as clearly shown in the manner they
handle our dear country's football affairs.

Instead of solving our more pressing issues, the occupants of the Glass-house continually deploy sophistry to bamboozle the teeming
population of unsatisfied supporters who want to see their darling
Super Eagles do better than the shaky, scrappy and shabby performance they've been dishing out to us for some time now. The supposed administrators preach the gospel of lies to us, while they take refuge under the cloak of a beautifully built facade, pretending all is well.

In fact, they know nothing about football. How much the fans have paid to watch the team play in South Africa is none of their business. I must commend those that found the journey worthwile, despite the prevalent economic hardship.

With this edition of the showpiece been staged on African soil - it's only logical for the fans to be aggrieved with the systematic failure the Nigerian train has encountered. Losing to an average Greek side spoke volumes of Lars Lagerback's ineptitude.

You might back the coach if you like, but you don't get paid N50m to lose 2 World Cup games irrespective of whom you play. *The Swede tactician has only won 1 out of 5 World-class matches in charge of the Super Eagles, way to go Boss.

I wish Tunisia had beaten Mozambique, then we would've being devoid of the political machinations of a few kingpins, who are more than ready to damn the consequences associated with their inglorious acts, in order to fatten their Bank accounts.

I hear the plan is to beat South Korea by at least two goals and as usual hope Argentina are in tandem with our sly objective to enable our advancement beyond the group stage of the competition.

I'm not naive! I know its been working for us in the past, but I've got this innocuous feeling the plan might backfire. Lets assume Argentina are equal to the task, and successfully grant us our request, are we determined enough to beat the Koreans, who are in a better position to make the round of 16?

Whether we like it or not! The Super chickens will come home to roost - it doesn't matter if they win and eventually go on to conquer the World. Our fundamental administration problems will still exist, unless the people at the helm of affairs change their archaic mentality towards the development of football, and indeed Sport in general.