Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I will let 'any one of my players who had done everything for the club' leave if they want to

The above scenario aptly describes what Joan Laporta President of the Catalan talent poachers who have refused to throw in the towel on a deal that is not only futile but stupid to waste time on (reading or even thinking of) during lunch time.

Laporta is adamant he would be the last person in the World to stand in the way of any of his player's ambition:
"If one of my players who had done everything for the club, who was (wait a second Boss! he's still our skipper) the team captain, told the club that his time had come to an end, I would immediately open the doors for him while defending the interests of the club."

Can you believe that? The same idiot who is fighting tooth and nail to retain the services of Yaya Toure and Zlatan Ibrahimovic ahead of next season, is now preaching to Arsenal and speaking thrash about our prized asset's future.

Anyway as usual, he reiterated his commitment to the rules of the transfer game, although he breaks it every time he mentions 'the player wants to join us' the only stumbling block is the 'club' and inevitably, everybody including poor Guardiola, and the directors who (like nothing more than being in the spotlight always) wants him jingle - a statement that can be mistaken for the slogan of their fallible campaign.
And who else can afford those poachers such an overt exposure if not Cesc? whom the entire city has come to pay homage to, because they are been tricked into believing he would solve their almost non-existent midfield problems.

One aspect of Barcelona, as a club which I must admit I admire, is their persistence and never say die attitude, when it comes to doing things both properly and otherwise (uncalled for spending on players).

To worsen our case further Laporta, has promised he won't bow out of this ensueing pursuit without a fight especially as 'all the presidential candidates want Cesc':

"According to club statutes I remain president until 30th June." Laporta continued "Until then I'll do what's in the best interest of the club.

"It would be good if this could be done before the World Cup. It's something all the presidential candidates want, the manager wants and director of sport wants."

Like I said during the last edition of Cesc' long walk to Spain, Barca are aware of Arsenal's insistence and obviously they have realised business cannot be done, where the atmosphere isn't conducive as the case is with Arsenal, but for some reasons unknown to us - the Catalan giants have blatantly refused to let go and are still keen on landing a player that;
(1). Given their present debt situation cannot afford without external assistance.

(2). Is surplus to requirements at the club, except they'll sell two not one of their midfielders - Busquets and Yaya should be shown the red card first! If Cesc is to be guaranteed (regular) first team action, lets assume when he arrives at the Nou Camp.

Laporta insists conversations with Arsenal over Cesc are still ongoing but talks have been stalled for now:

"The conversations with Arsenal are at a stage where both sides have made the first move - we made an offer and they turned it down.
We're still interested and we respect their position but we'll try and make them change their minds.

"It would be precipitous to say that this will be sorted out in 48 hours.
Everyone knows the difficulties there are in any operation where, though the player wants the move, the club defends it own interests."

Meanwhile, my worst fears have been confirmed as out of favour Arsenal centre back and one of my favourite Gunner finalised his much touted switch within the metropolis.

The most painful aspect of the transfer is the fact that Philippe Senderos joined the cottagers for free.
Another freebie move in the person of William Gallas is begging to unfold, with Mikael Sylvestre about to return from whence he came, Arsenal fc will certainly be left reeling from the aftermath of this unwelcome development - no wonder Arsene Wenger is set to splash the cash on a few defensive options.