Monday, June 7, 2010

Some people think Barca can afford to pay €70m for Fabregas - I don't think so!

Barcelona's director general Joan Oliver has revealed that the Gunners who are yet to soften their grip on their prized asset, have not put in a request for his negotiation as been peddled in some notable media outlets earlier today.

The 23-year-old midfield maestro who learned his trade in Spain before joining the North London outfit, has being the subject of intense transfer speculation, as we all know, the youngster didn't help issues at all from the very beginning of this boring saga openly admitting he'll like to retire as a player at the Catalan club.

Just in case, you are as fed up with this bull***t as I am, then it might be soothing to know that our darling Arsenal is still in pole position, and as such, will call the shots despite undue interference from those Catalan mugs.

Anyway, Joan Oliver has today rubbished reports suggesting the Gunners are planning to fleece them, by projecting an astronomical, but realistic fee of £58m as a starting point for transactions between both parties for the midfield orchestrator.

I had my doubts about the reports, and Agusti Benedito's comments in my own opinion drove the final nail into Barca's bid.
The presidential candidate during a debate involving the other aspirants estimated their debts at a staggering €489m, although he believed it could be sorted out without the adoption of some stringent measures, he was clearly not happy with the development.

So, to claim Barca are prepared to wage a transfer war with an ingenious club like Arsenal without monetary back up, which I deem essential is not only ill-advised but suicidal to the club's future ambitions.

Come to think of it, we rejected an opening offer of €35m last week, but some people obviously think Barcelona will double that amount in a fortnight? The truth is they won't because Cesc is staying.

I prefer to go with the school of thought who at least believe in the possibility of such a deal in the future.
Remember, our captain is under contract and for crying out loud five years are still left on it.

Lets round this up with the words of the almighty Barca's director general Joan Oliver who issued this beautiful statement as he left a board meeting:

They said they would not sell, it's logical therefore that they have not set a price for him.

We made a formal offer. The only official response we have from Arsenal is that they are not ready to sell the player, for which it would be difficult for them to be putting a price when they say they are not selling.

On our part, after having made an offer we are ready to sign the deal this very morning.

We still have time to do it, but it is a deal we cannot do just by ourselves.