Monday, June 21, 2010

Agent fed up with Riccardo Montolivo to Arsenal stories

Looks like the much hyped speculation is set to die a natural death as the 25-year old's agent refuses to associate himself with the Gunners.

Arsenal were considered as favourites to land the impressive midfielder, who at £19m is seen as an ideal escape route for the Florence club, whose debt is reported to be soaring.

Riccardo Montolivo, made the daily 'bound for Arsenal' routine in respect to Cesc Fabregas' unsettled case. He's widely acclaimed for his dogged attitude in defense and brilliant passing. What a shame! The media's preferred plan B is set to recieve his marching orders from the powers that be. After all, it won't be business as usual for Barcelona.

Contacted exclusively by Giovanni Branchini, condemned the spate of false transfer rumours been peddled in the media, although he coyly refused to rule out the possibility of such a move if it exists in the first place.

The agent said: "As an adviser to Montolivo, if it were true I wouldn't tell you, but I laugh when I read certain things. And this is not because the news is unlikely, given the value of the player, but for its timing: certainly I do not expect news tomorrow on Manchester United's involvement with North Korea's goal keeper, but at the same time, it seems strange that, precisely a few hours after his performance against New Zealand, he's already been linked with some clubs? Probably someone had a few pages to fill and has done so.

"It would be important to note that some news you get is altered along the way," he declared.