Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Triaud: "Chamakh was wrongly advised to leave"

The President of Bordeaux Jean-Louis Triaud has blamed the imminent departure of his former striker Marouane Chamakh on bad influence and can't understand why his best players prefer Arsenal.

Triaud said Chamakh was "surrounded by evil-minded people" and that he was "surprised" to read that the forward was in London purpotedly putting ink to paper on a new deal at the Emirates without his knowledge (he is expected to hold formal talks with Arsene Wenger concerning the transfer).

Speaking to the Press Triaud answered: "That is unique in the history of recruiting in football," when he was informed on the whereabouts of his lad by the curious reporters who wanted to confirm if what they heard was true.

Jean-Louis Triaud said: "It was written that he wasn't recognised at fair-value here in Girondins, which forced me to think.

"They joked that he was underpaid, if at any time he wanted, he could have improved his earnings situation. But he has never complained," he explained further.

"I believe that Marouane Chamakh has been surrounded by very bad people, he's a generous boy, available, friendly, but I think he was badly advised. His departure from the club and how it happened doesn't suit me at all," he affirmed.

The President reminisced that in the past his players have always been a target for Arsene Wenger (he succeeded in the case of Sylvain Wiltord), and can't believe he will be conceding another in just a decade.

"I enjoy the fact that I am the President of this club, but since I became President of this club, there have been two complicated departures: those Sylvain Wiltord and Marouane Chamakh... And coincidentally, both chose Arsenal," he noted smiling.

"Well, do not jump to conclusions, it's just a remark."