Saturday, March 20, 2010

Barca's Tito Vilanova - rules out Fabregas move

Barcelona and Pep Guardiola's assistant Tito Vilanova, has told Barca
Tv and their official website that he's relishing the prospect of Fc
Barcelona's quarter-final tie with Arsenal. And that the Gunners
played "entertaining and attacking football" like their Catalan

He ruled out the opportunity of luring Arsenal's midfield maestro Cesc
Fabregas, whom he nurtured at youth stage. By referring to such an
attempt as been disrectpectful to Arsenal at this point in time.

"Especially now that the electrons are in the horizon," he said. "It
shows a lack of respect though to talk about a current Arsenal player
as being a signing for the future."

He expantiated on areas that he believed both teams could harness. He
made it crystal clear that just Like Barca, Arsenal enjoy keeping
possession to enable them knock their opponents off their stride:
"That is where the game would be played," he enthused.

He rubbished talks of Home Advantage for their quarter-finals second
leg and the semi-finals, if they beat the Gunners: "That does not
guarantee anything," he said.
Instead he believes that the only aspect of the match that's capable
of ensuring their qualification is staying focused.

He evaluated the Arsenal squad and agreed that many of our players
are: "young and fearless".

He showered encomiums on Arsenal's captain Cesc Fabregas, but he feels
that: "Arsenal would not be where they are without many other
players," he added. "Arsenal is a team against whom you can lose
concentration because they can score at will."