Friday, May 21, 2010

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood: "we haven't even discussed with Barcelona"

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has finally broken his silence on Cesc Fabregas' future at Arsenal, and the proximity of an unlikely Barcelona return.

I'm in a hurry, so lets go straight to the point - the chairman has confirmed for the umpteenth time that Arsenal won't contemplate the idea of selling their inspirational captain for any amount to Barcelona: "We haven't even discussed it. It's not an issue," Hill-Wood said.

Maybe, it's high time marginalised clubs blurt out the terms of approaching their player(s)/employee(s) to these so-called big clubs in order to avoid an impending situation, whereby one or more players might start the exhibition of nonchalant attitudes towards their respective duties on the pitch.
For crying out loud, Arsenal fc is big and rich enough to command the respect of both its players and their prospective suitors.
As for debt-laden Barcelona, Fabregas will remain an Arsenal player, and every disgruntled fellow at the Catalan club can go to hell with their borrowed fortune and their ulterior (presidential elections) motives.

Hill-Wood said Fabregas' stay at Arsenal was probable, but the Gunners are yet to recieve a formal request from Barcelona on behalf of the player: "I don't know (if he will stay). I've really got little to say,"
he added "We haven't had any official approach from them (Barcelona).

"We have made it perfectly clear we don't want to lose him. This message has been given to them. We don't want to lose him and we will do our damnedest to keep him," the chairman declared in an exclusive interview with

Barcelona have urged Fabregas to make public his desire to rejoin them, and according to reports in Spain, the president (Joan Laporta) will evaluate his former player based on what he's won.
He has promised to conclude a deal on or before July 30, so that, the protracted transfer saga will not overshadow his forthcoming election plans.

Meanwhile, Hill-Wood has lambasted Barcelona's unruly tactics of employing the services of the Spanish media to destabilize and possibly influence the player to belong. He also, added that Arsenal can cope without their talismanic skipper (i.e. if he decides to pursue his purpoted trophy dreams): "Yes. I think so," he replied.

"We have done pretty well without one or two other star players. I would like Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Tony Adams back but they are 10 years too old.

"Anyway, (Cesc) hasn't left yet, remember, we very much hope he stays with us and we're confident he will."