Friday, March 19, 2010

Thierry Henry believes "Nobody" wants Barca because of Messi and Stuttgart coach compares him to "Diego Maradona"

Arsenal's former player Thierry Henry has claimed that every club
(including Arsenal) is scared of playing the Spanish Champions,
because of Messi.

Henry was full of praise for his team mate after his goals and overall
team contribution helped the Champions dump German side Stuttgart out
of the Champions League. Stuttgart felt like they were hit by a fiery
thunderbolt, but it was all the doing of no other person than Lionel
Messi, who personally booked their flight to Germany via a superlative
The ex Arsenal forward is obvious of the fact that they are favoured
by almost every Soccer pundit to win a second successive title, to
continue their rein as European Champions and he believes Messi will
be instrumental to that effect.

Henry has refused to doubt the little magician's prowess on the pitch
and admits his touch of brilliance and commitment is what every Coach
yearns for: "It's kind of ridiculous what he's doing," Henry enthused.

"It's amazing. I don't know if you can say he's playing better, but
he's maintaining what he was doing and playing at a level where nobody
from Barcelona wants him to stop."

Stuttgart's coach Christian Gross showered encomiums on the little
Argentine who wrecked his team's chances of making the quarter-finals
of the most prestigious club event on Earth: "His ability is
incredible," Gross admitted. "When you consider his age I think it's
fine to compare him to Diego Maradona."