Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Messi: why I humiliated Arsenal

First of all, permit me to refrain from further discussion pertaining
our embarrassing display in front of a mammoth crowd of spectators at
the Camp Nou yesterday.

Barcelona's one-man-rioter Lionel Messi has sensationally revealed why
he pummeled the Gunners like fromage frais.

In his interview with Barca Tv the diminutive striker said he was
spurred to action because of a bet with Barca's second choice
goalkeeper: "Pinto has a bet with me - I have to score more goals than
last season. That's why we count the goals every week," he enthused. I
have got a funny feeling Pinto will be paying sooner than he might
have expected.

The 22-year-old who single-handedly bundled the Gunners out of the Champions League attributed his four-goal haul to 'team work': "I am
lucky enough to be with a group of players that care about me a lot
and say nice things about me.

"We started off struggling a little, we had some bad luck we were able to react and the goals came thanks to teamwork. Today it was my turn,
another day it'll be Ibra and another Pedro... The main thing is to score. I was lucky enough to get the rebound and I hit it hard."

With breathtaking performances like that, the Argentinean is gradually
running out of records to break. He's the Club's 10th highest goal
scorer and the first to score four goals in a European competition.
This is what the undisputed prince of the beautiful round leather game of Soccer had to say concerning his performance against Arsenal at the Camp Nou yesterday: "I am very happy. The same as the other day when I scored three. It's always nice to score, especially in important matches."