Thursday, June 17, 2010

One reason why we can't afford to see Sol's back

Some say he's had his best years in an Arsenal shirt, a larger percentage of supporters believe the 35-year-old has got other heights to attain at the North London outfit.

One aspect is certain, your views are right to a respectable extent - whatever school of thought your opinions are based on.

Just like you, I've also read about the Celtic link, and to say the least I'm not blind to the clear and obvious writing on the wall, as pertains his future at the North London club.

There's no need bringing his chequered history to the fore. If Sol's past is properly scrutinised, then you won't be far from concluding his exit is nigh - after all, it is common knowledge, the ex Notts County man refused to honour his contract with the League Two club, I wonder what was going through his mind in the first place. Like I said, there is absolutely no need to expantiate on his past.

If Arsene Wenger, can't find any tangible reason to keep the veteran defender, then I hope he understands what the team think of their most experienced counterpart.
We've all seen the positive aura his imposing character radiates during matches, even Arsenal's Belgium import, Thomas Vermaelen attested to that fact.

As the previous Epl campaign was about to draw to an entertaining close, the 24-year old reiterated his desire to improve by learning, not only did he state 'how', he categorically mentioned from 'who' - don't forget Mikael Sylvestre and William Gallas were/are still present at the club when he made his choice.

William Gallas in is own right, is a very good center-back and in fact one of the best in the Premiership, but inasmuch, as we'd love to see him stay - he's arguably the most disruptive figure in the Gunner' dressing room. In essence, what the Frenchman lacks, his senior colleague has in abundance. As Vermaelen said earlier, Sol can be likened to the balm that soothes the team's fears during difficult moments, as could be clearly seen after Stoke City's Ryan Shawcross ended Ramsey's season abruptly.

Personally, I don't think Vermaelen's thought-provoking statement is erroneous, the Belgian it seems understands the age-old adage that lays emphasis on experience as the basis for improvement ("to be the best you have to learn from the best"), to show his readiness, he happily told us all, that he planned to put his resolution into practice, by entertaining classes from the
ex England international: "I can learn a lot from him. He
speaks a lot on the pitch and for young players and a young team it is
important to have somebody with a lot of experience who talks a lot on the pitch."

Campbell's presence in the dressing room shouldn't be understated by the club. The defender is eager to prove Arsene Wenger's critics who expressed dismay at his re-signing five months ago wrong, for that to have an expected effect, Sol knows a definite agreement must be reached and quickly too.

With Wenger thought to be in the market for defensive reinforcements, Sol's future could well be said to be guaranteed - although his participation for the team next season might be peripheral, that not withstanding, the 35-year old who enjoyed himself last season, won't take the offer of an improved one-year deal with provisions for an additional year as a bad idea. Especially for an old but sturdy super-sub.

Even though he might appear to be just another temporary back up plan, let it be known that, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal would be at the recieving end if they lose predictably what can amount to their fourth defender in less than 31 days.