Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sol Campbell wins lawsuit

Sol Campbell's barristers have successfully proved that Portmouth owe
him £1.67m in unpaid salaries.

Although, the ex Portmouth skipper isn't in a hurry to be paid his
dues - he agreed that the unpaid wages could only be settled when/if
Portmouth found a new buyer and if the administrator accepts the debt
as his burden.

Portmouth who lost disgracefully (4-1) to Liverpool at Anfield
yesterday, were claiming that the debt was image rights. And so,
Campbell should queue up like other creditors pending when they
clean-up their financial mess (which would have been 10% of what they
actually owe our man).
But his solicitors were able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the
money owed Mr. Campbell was supposed to be payment for his contribution to
the Club.

The club is in administration currently and are racing against time to avoid an
almost inevitable relegation to the Championship. The ruling by the
High Court, must have been a big blow (financially) to the club, which might drown in relegation waters come May. Their problems are far from over as
it is rumoured that Pompey also owe ex Gunner Nwankwo Kanu, money
under the same guise.

Meanwhile, the HMRC tax officers have swung into action in a bid to
unravel Portmouth's shady dealings with their employee's and to
investigate whether other players' wages are also been held against
their wish.

Sol Campbell's lawyer Andrew Onslow Qc said: "Mr Campbell accepts that
he will not be paid the cash until such a time as either the club is
removed from administration or the administrator agrees to the debt
been actioned by Mr Campbell and ourselves."

The 35-year-old defender is also set to recieve £50,000 in interest payments.
What a boost that will be to his pet project (charity programme for kids).