Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Melo & Balotelli should've joined us when they had the chance

I can still recall vividly what transpired between Alexandre Hleb
alongside M. Flamini and Arsenal fc.

They were popular, but greed got the better of them and the rest is history. Every Gunner past and present can attest to the loyalty
Arsenal players recieve from the supporters at the outfit.
For the avoidance of doubt Bendtner and Eboue are living witnesses to that fact.

Here at Arsenal, an opportunity of a life-time is graciously expended
to every player who is priviledged to grace the magnificient colours
of the club. Because once you graduate at the club under the tutelage
of Arsene Wenger, you can be rest assured that majority of your
frailties will be harnessed to their maximum potential.
How you choose to repay us isn't our business, it's as always left for
the player to decide.

Pardon me for digressing, but I just want to remind us about the many benefits Arsenal Fc affords it players.

Felipe Melo and Mario Balotelli have been linked with Arsenal severally, but their outrageous price tags indirectly kept our wise man at bay.
We all know we can't part with £22m for Melo, not to mention £18m for fellow Serie A player Balotelli.

Some months ago the mention of their names sent shivers down the
spines of their opponents. They were revered at their respective
clubs. But the same can hardly be said of the pair now, as they watch helplessly as their fortunes dwindle gradually.

Felipe Melo, prefered Juventus to Arsenal because like evey
money-grabbing player who has lost passion for the game he opted for
CASH that he knew the Vechia Signora could afford to
do away with it, to the detriment of his fledgling career. But he
hasn't fooled his employer's who have realised what a wasteful
investment they ventured into when they happily signed the 26-year-old from Fiorentina last season.

Things have condescended to such a level that Juventus won't think
twice before off-loading the Brazilian as far as the price is

It's very difficult to believe that the season old romance between
the Brazilian and Fidanzata d'italia has gone
this sour. And divorce is almost inevitable as you can imagine.

The Player's relationship with the supporters is just as frosty as
that with his club. Recently he was involved in a spat with the Old
Lady's supporters after they failed to increase Siena's relegation
problems, albeit he apologised for his actions via the club's official

But I think it's time the player continued his journey. To do that he has to stop decieving his well wishers and infact himself, that the Fidanzata d'italia is still in love with him. The 26-year-old
Brazilian knows very well that football these days isn't based on
sentiments but on results, and if a player isn't capable of delivering
for his club then he has to start searching for a new abode.

As for Balotelli, I think he's the architect of his problems. Flirting with Inter's arch-enemy Ac Milan isn't an advisable way of garnering
support from the Inter faithful.

Mario is a well endowed player. He's physically imposing, good with the ball, but lacks the capacity to handle the negativity surrounding
his publicity. At such a young age, the striker should be focused on
attaining unimaginable heights and staying away from trouble to the best of his ability, this he has been unable to do so far.

His blossoming career has been at the recieving end of his problematic
relationship with his manager who has since relegated him to the background. And it isn't a surprise that he won't be left part of the
controversial one's plans ahead of their make/mar cracker with Chelsea at
Stamford Bridge later today.