Monday, March 15, 2010

Campbell & Bendtner - We've to keep fighting

Arsenal's prodigal son Sol Campbell, is really enjoying his second
spell at the North London outfit and he just told Arsenal Tv Online
what has to be done if we must end our barren trophy run this year.

The experienced defender advised his team mates to keep the Arsenal
fire burning within them and to believe they can do the impossible
by getting ahead of Manchester United and Chelsea to stand a chance of
winning the title.

He spoke about Arsenal's last gasp winner at Hull two days ago, and insists it was good for the team's morale:
"We kept fighting and got the win in the end, and we do not care as
long as the win comes," Campbell told Arsenal Tv Online.

"It is never easy, you have to win and earn your rights, you have to
play good football - nobody is just going to give you three points in
this League, no chance.

"We just have to keep focused, picking up the wins and stay in there."

Nicklas Bendtner, the man who single-handedly triggered the
termination of Phil Brown's contract at Hull City via that late goal
on Saturday, has maintained that he doesn't want to be distracted by
his critics and he's instead prepared to do his talking on the pitch.
The striker is confident that the Gunners can continue manufacturing
favourable results. All they have to do is keep a cool head.

"A lot of things are said in football, a lot of comments made -
everyone has their opinions," he said. "I cannot really say what is
the difference (in Arsenal this season) but we are winning and just
have to keep doing that."