Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pique - Fabregas is man to watch out for, Rosicky - I love the draw

Arsenal's eccentric midfielder Tomas Rosicky believes Arsenal's UEFA
Champions League quarter-final tie with Barcelona on the 31st and 6th
of April is the perfect way to thrill spectators.

To him, the draw will expose the better side and definately bring out
the best in him: "Fans should be looking forward to this tie as it
will be a crowd-puller,"he enthused.

"Both teams have the same philosophy and desire to entertain football
fans. Naturally, the players are looking forward to it as well."

Tomas is a very happy man, all thanks to his good form and absence of
injury. The midfielder is briming with confidence and he insists he
won't lose sleep because of the draw, though he admits he would love
to have Robin Van Persie back in action.

"Definately (It's encouraging), although we would have loved to have
Robin back in action now," he said.

He blamed his absence last week on a small injury, but the Czech
international is elated to have overcome the injury.

"As for me, I am ready to play this Saturday. My absence in the Hull
game was not caused by any big trouble - just slight pain in my groin,
but now I'm fit."

Meanwhile, Gerard Pique claims Fabregas is the man to watch and he
doesn't really fear the captain's team mates as much as he fears the
former Barca starlet.

The no-nonsense Barca defender labelled his boy-hood friend the "most
important" figure for the Gunners and he hopes the midfield dictator
won't be of much trouble to their Champions League ambitions.

"Cesc is the one that creates the play and is the most important
player in their team," he said.

"They certainly have other good players that compliment Cesc, but he
is the most important."

The defender couldn't hide his admiration for the way Arsene Wenger's
side play, and admits it's similar to their pattern of play.

"I like the way that Arsenal play, they move the ball and they look to
keep possession like we do. We have similar styles and we will have to
see who triumphs."

He cleverly refused to rule out Arsenal by insisting that the winner
will be decided on the pitch and not on paper.

"They reached the Champions League Semi-final when they lost to
Manchester United. In the Premier League they have a chance to win the
title and I think Arsenal are a tough team," he concluded.