Sunday, March 21, 2010

Iniesta desperate to face Fabregas

Barcelona's midfield orchestrator Andreas Iniesta, has revealed that
he can't wait to play against his boy-hood friend Cesc Fabregas.

Andreas Iniesta is no common midfielder - he has only played for one
club in his illustrious career so far and that team is Barcelona.
The dimunitive midfielder has managed more than 200 appearances for
Barcelona and he has contributed his fair share of goals to the Barca

But, paramount on the midfielder's agenda is Arsenal and he hopes to
show our captain what he's really capable of: "Playing against Cesc is
not easy and there will be a great battle in the midfield area,"he

He acknowledged that it won't be easy, but he maintained that Fabregas
was Arsenal's password to victory and he's willing to make 'stopping
Cesc' a priority.

"I have known Cesc for years and I'm sure we will have a hug before
each game, but once the whistle goes I will be doing everything to win
the game.
Cesc is a fantastic player and we have to stop him, especially in the
first game."