Sunday, March 21, 2010

Can Liverpool restore parity between Arsenal and United?

Good morning mates, yesterday we did, what we had to do. Infact,
that's all we've been doing ever since Manchester United and Chelsea
literally tore us apart.

From a gooner's perspective, we've been consistently inconsistent and
that can be attributed to many circumstances beyond our control.
Talking of consistency, we've made significant progress in our bid to
keep our act together and that has culminated in the positive results
we now enjoy.
Unlike, Liverpool whose entire campaign has been mired in controversy
- we are currently cooling our heels at the summit of the Barclays
Premier League table. All thanks to the team as a whole, for their
success in solving our visitors equation correctly.

I know I'm deliberately excluding Chelsea. That's because they'll have
to go through hell if they must end their Premier League barren run.
On the other hand, Liverpool and Manchester United, share an uncanny
knack of manufacturing mouth-watering results when they play each
Last season, Liverpool did the unthinkable, they humbled United 4-1 at
Old Trafford, albeit the eventual Champions recovered in time to equal
the reds record total of 18 League titles.

It's gonna be all about Fernando Torres and Wayne Rooney who have
both proved their worth for their respective clubs and at international level.
Torres will be spear-heading Liverpool's attack today. We all know how
efficient and deadly he can be, that is if he wants to be. As for the
latter, I wish him a very quite and uneventful afternoon, devoid of
any goal scoring opportunity.
Honestly, if there is any team still left (excluding Chelsea) capable
of halting Manchester United's progress, it's definately Liverpool and
Rafa Benitez, wasn't kidding himself when he said: "For all our fans
it would be really good to stop United."

Rafa Benitez understands the importance of today's game and the
precarious situation they will find themselves in if they fail to
frustrate United's march to a record 19th League title: "But we need
to win because we want to be in the top four."

If Liverpool still cherish been tagged as one of the "top four" then
they better not mess this up by ensuring that they reproduce a replica of the same magic that
saw them thrash United at Old Trafford last year and this season at
Anfield respectively. or else, the likes of Manchester City and Tottenham, might effectively relegate them to the
background once and for all.