Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aaron Ramsey's recovery is going according to plan

The 19-year-old Arsenal midfielder, suffered a horrific leg injury at
Stoke. Though the perpetrator of the incident Ryan Shawcross, has
accepted his mistake and begged for pardon. You might agree that his
apology won't revoke the damage done - but in the spirit of
sportmanship we have to let go and forge ahead. So far, that we have
been able to do.

Ramsey's injury came as a crude shock to all and sundry. He was
beginning to hit his stride and untimately the lad would have won
himself a permanent place in the team and automatically gaining the
much touted exposure and experience needed for his development. But that's wishful thinking at least for now.

The good news is our boy can now work without external assistance. And
our manager Arsene Wenger couldn't hide his joy at such a prospect:
"He has been encouraged to work without crutches and he is doing
that,"Wenger enthused.

The gaffer revealed further that so far, no complications have been
noticed and that all is working as planned: "The recovery is going as
well as you could hope for at this stage of the injury. He is, of
course, impatient as anybody would be in his position.

"But we have had no bad surprises. Until now, everything has been
going to plan," he concluded.