Monday, March 1, 2010

Dudu's surgeon predicts quick recovery for Rambo

Khalid Baloch, the surgeon who salvaged Eduardo's career has predicted
that Arsenal's youngster Aaron Ramsey will make a good and full
Eduardo's horror tackle two years ago activated whispers from almost
every corner of the football World, suggesting his brilliant career
was over. Thanks to the 46-year-old specialist who was entrusted with
Eduardo's case - the striker's career has since been resurrected.

Khalid maintains there are a lot of similarities between Dudu's injury
and that sustained by Rambo, three days ago at Stoke.

Ramsey underwent successful surgery on Saturday to fix fractures to
his tibia and fibula in his right leg following Ryan Shawcross's

According to the Daily Mirror Baloch admitted: "I expect it is Deja Vu
for Arsenal's staff and will bring back memories for them.
"If you look at the pictures it's similar to where Eduardo was holding his leg.
"The Arsenal physios and doctors have seen this before though and it
will be fresh in their minds.

"I expect eventually Ramsey will have the same type of intensive rehab
and play again.
"Arsenal's physios did a great job with Eduardo."

Baloch reduced and fixed the fractures to Eduardo's left leg in a
four-hour operation, after he was injured away at Birmingham.
He added: "Ramsey's injury also looked serious from the limited views
I have had on Tv and in pictures.
"There were some similiarites with Eduardo and a leg break is usually
six to nine months out.
The mechanism of the injury is obviously similar with two players
getting involved in a tackle and one player's foot hits the other's
Whenever any break has a significant bend in it, as his did, there is
a possibility for a compound fracture but it's hard to tell if that
happened to Ramsey as well."

Baloch is sure the 19-year-old will benefit immensely from advice and
encouragement from Arsenal teammate and injury survivor Eduardo da

Baloch said: "He is a young lad but I expect he will be well supported
by his colleagues.
"What he has going for him is he has Eduardo there.
"When he looks at Eduardo he will think he can do it."

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