Monday, February 22, 2010

Nigeria yet to name coach as World Cup approaches

The charade called the Nigeria Football Federation is yet to announce
or appoint a Technical adviser for the Super Eagles as the 2010
mundial approaches.
The elite body of the nations most followed sport (football) has
clearly shown they lack commitment and vision in the manner they've
handled our dear country's football affairs.
Instead of solving our more pressing issues the occupants of the
glass-house continually deploy sophistry to bamboozle the teeming
population of unsatisfied supporters who want to see their darling
Super Eagles do better than what they did at Angola some weeks ago.
While they hide under a beautifully built facade pretending all is
Our performance at Angola by the standards of many Nigerians including
me was dismal, appaling and unacceptable - yet instead of the NFF dealing decisively with the situation by hiring an adviser and
recruiting young and talented players from the domestic League to help
curtail the deteriorating standard of Nigeria's team. They keep
drafting and shortlisting names for the vacant position of Super
Eagles technical adviser, so far this plan has achieved its backers
aim - to keep the Masses optimistic while they carry on with their
They failed in their bid to lure Guus Hiddink who preferred Turkey to
a World Cup adventure with the Super Eagles.
I doubt if they were serious in their attempt to bring the highly
experienced Dutch-man to the country.

Recently they flew to England to interview five potential managers.
The outcome of the meeting hasn't been publicised.

On Amodu:

Former Super Eagles tactician Amodu, has been very unlucky in his
endeavours - he paved the way for Nigeria's World Cup ambitions twice
and on both occasions he has been plunged into the labour market.
Albeit he has made history but we want results not shaky, scrappy and
unconvincing performances as clearly exhibited by the millionaires who
disgraced the colours of Nigeria at the just concluded African Cup of
Nations tournament.

And it isn't a surprise to most soccer loving Nigerians to see Amodu
relieved of his duties.

With this edition of the showpiece been staged on African soil - it's
only pertinent we leave our mark on the indelible sands of time.

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