Monday, February 22, 2010

Walcott - we are still on track

Theo Walcott produced a scintillating display on Sunday against
Sunderland at the Emirates to hand the Gunners a well deserved win.

He was simply ecstatic to watch as he digged from his impressive bag
of tricks to enable the rekindling of Arsenal's title flame.

The winger believes Arsenal are still capable of mounting a last
minute title challenge. The young Gunner cited our proximity to
Chelsea as the basis for his assumption.

Walcott stated: "People tend to write us off. We stay in the
background and do our own thing.
We're just six points behind Chelsea. It's looking good.
"It was frustrating in the early stages of the season with results not
going our way, but it's coming together now."

The winger's plan for a World Cup place were boosted by his manager
Arsene Wenger, who has stated that Theo Walcott will be included in
England's World Cup squad but admits there is "terrible pressure" on
the 20-year-old winger ahead of the 2010 mundial.

Walcott who hasn't featured for England in a long time, admits his
injuries have curtailed his participation in England's quest for World Cup
And knows he has to stay injury-free and build on his fitness level if
he's to stand a chance of been included in Fabio Capello's

"I just need to stay fully fit and if I do, hopefully I'll have a
chance of getting on the plan."

Meanwhile, Wenger has admonished his lad to produce a stellar
performance for Arsenal as it could equip him with the much needed
confidence and experience the youngster currently lacks.