Monday, August 15, 2011

Arsene Wenger Might Splash Fabregas Cash

Arsenal's manager Arsene Wenger, has reiterated his earlier stance on the issue of additions to the Gunners' somewhat fragile outlook.

Several anti-arsenal commentators have urged the pragmatic frenchman to adopt their success blueprint, which according to them has the potential to change the North London outfit's fortunes this season. This issue has had a high profile in recent years, prompting suggestions that the arsenal is on the verge of losing its highly coveted place amongst the premiership's elite.

Wenger and the board have always being a little coy with regards to these uncalled for comments. In short, they are always very busy -so much so that they won't be able to take time off their respective schedules to clear the aura of uncertainty, that the club and its supporters are supposedly surrounded by.

That's by the way, the manager has confirmed that he will not hesitate to add quality to his squad if the need arises. The manager says, the Club scouts "are everywhere". But, for Wenger, the price tag - big or small - is not the issue.

"Sometimes I think that the credit a player gets is linked to the amount of money paid for them," said Wenger after the draw at Newcastle.

"When I look at Gervinho I think that he is a great player and I forget how much he cost. It is frustrating because it looks like the players are judged on the money they cost.

"We have all our scouts all over the world and we look everywhere," he added.

"We are not scared to spend money if we find the right player. But spending money is not the right target in itself. We want to find the right player and whether it is for £2 million or £20 million we will do it." -the quotes provided in this article are courtesy of