Monday, August 15, 2011

Wenger Pleads For Patience

Arsene Wenger has issued a clarion call to the arsenal faithful, the manager's message outlined the importance of sticking with the team through thick and thin.

The arsenal faithful have continually showed their displeasure at the club's stringent transfer policy and also, voiced their disappointment with the pricey services (inclusive of ticket prices) currently on offer at the Emirates. The fans would love to see their darling arsenal compete head to head with the City's of today, with a view to beating them to the signatures of top draw players.

The feeling is mutual according to wenger, who adamantly maintains his staunch position -that the club's assets must always outweigh its liabilities irrespective of victory. Speaking to the media ahead of his side's clash with Udinese, Wenger urged the fans to trust in his judgment: "I have been in football for a long, long time and I don't think just spending money is a target that is defendable.

"To spend the money on a top player is defendable. But just to spend the money is like you are worried.

"Our fans can be proud of the way we run this club, of the quality of player we have and of the financial situation that is existing at the Club. Rather than convicting this club, they have more reason to be proud of the whole situation here.

"We have built a team and a stadium in such a short space of time, and have a strong financial situation - and we always survived at the top level. There are more reasons to be positive than the negatives ones being sold by everybody." the quotes used in this article are courtesy of