Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Is Very Obvious That Arsenal Must Join The Transfer Fray This Summer

There is a heated debate on whether or not Arsene Wenger's recent decision to sign "one or two player(s)," in this case one or possibly none in the coming days is viable in the long run - given the huge likelihood of key and fringe players alike, succumbing to injuries in the near future.

I would not dwell on the usual 'the club has substantial sums of money to spend' theory, since practically speaking we are still hoping for the delivery of earlier promises. It is not a question of 'if the supporters of The Arsenal are disappointed at the way and manner the club's resources are managed, with regards to its resolute believe in youth.' Even though, the attendant disadvantage of inexperience is synonymous with trial and error - a recurring scenario at the North London outfit, that almost no gooner needs introduction to.

Or Perhaps our unwavering eight-year support for Arsenal's transfer policy, and over dependence on players laced with foreign DNA helps allay our trophy drought fears, plus the club's inclination to sell at random when provoked by incessant wage requests. Any way you look at it, we cannot afford to condone fractious relationships amongst our extensive fan-base as the season nears kick off.

It is a known fact that we need to bolster the squad's fragile departments, if we are to stand a ghost of a chance of managing a top four finish next season in the Premier League, or even toppling Manchester United and title enthusiasts Chelsea, Manchester City and rejuvenated Liverpool. Although the odds are stacked against us, the impressive invincibles tutored by Wenger ruled the new millenium.

So there is no reason why these relative 'unknowns' with a little addition of vigour cannot shove criticisms of an ex-player turned journalist aside, and prove to the world why they are the future and their predecessor what he is - a legendary footballer that belongs to our past generation of golden boys.

It is advisable for gooners to stick to whatever method of support-manship that is guaranteed to help them overcome the stressful aspects of supporting a beautiful bride like Arsenal, that is known for its aesthetic style of play coupled with the players ability to entertain as well as, disappoint in equal proportion.