Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lucasz Fabianski's interview below explains just about everything

Arséne Wenger's 25-year-old Polish sensation Lucasz Fabianski has a hell of a job in respect to his position as the #2 gk in The Arsenal line-up.

Our young Pole regrets letting in three goals approximately every 12minutes during the first 37minutes of yesterday's pre-season encounter with Legia Warsaw, but he believes there is room for improvement.
The less than positive reaction from Gooners (Worldwide) over the last 22 hours is definitely something to blog about; some say he's on his way out, while others say we can put up with him for another season.

Some ardent Bloggers took it upon themselves to compare and contrast the team's somewhat awful performance at Poland yesterday, with a view to finding the answers that have eluded some fans and analysts alike, and I think they did a great job. In my earlier post, I linked to some interesting articles I read this morning probably because I admired the objectivity portrayed in the writing and some other details. Little wonder the Goon blogosphere is a force to be reckoned with as far as, fans/club relationship is concerned.

Fabianski did a little Q and A with the Press amidst celebrations from his former fans at the opening ceremony of Legia Warsaw's new stadium complex. This interview was originally published on the PAP network (Polish Press Agency), well I didn't trust some computer program for an accurate translation, so I asked an avid reader and friend to bail me out. You can Google or Babelfish it, then compare the translated version with 109boy's.

Q: "Arsenal played without two of their biggest stars (Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie) did their absence affect the game?"

A: "I do not want to say that this is a big loss, but certainly everyone is aware of their importance and know what they mean to the team. The season is fast approaching and it could be difficult for us if they are not ready in time. However, we have a few players who can replace them at the club."

Q: "The fans really enjoyed the game and the numerous goals, but what about going down 0-3 before winning 5-6?"

A: "The manager will not be happy with our defensive gameplan, because we made a lot of mistakes and Legia took advantage of this to punish us. It is very rare for Arsenal to concede 3 early goals in a match, it is not our style.
In the first half, Legia played quickly with great pace, they succeeded because we started badly as a team. In the second half, they moved a bit slower, so we took advantage of that."

Q: "On Friday Legia will face Polonia Warsaw, while Arsenal will begin the season on Sunday against Liverpool. Since this game is the last preparatory match for both teams before the League begins, are you ready for the upcoming challenge?"

A: "Over the next few days we have to concentrate a lot more in training, if we are to improve our defensive game. It doesn't matter whether we play against Legia or Liverpool, such errors would not be repeated."

Q: "Arséne Wenger has not yet revealed his first choice goalkeeper at Arsenal, are you bothered by that?"

A: It seems to me that to some extent, our coach has established a basic composition for next season and we plan on working based on that."

Q: "On Saturday (yesterday) some British newspapers reported that Arsenal are prepared to pay £25m for Jose Reina, if this is true could it mean that you would be the back up plan?"

A: "You should know better than that. People will always read somewhere that a goalkeeper is coming to Arsenal. Well it doesn't affect us and I would not tell you why, because my role is to work hard in training and on the pitch.

"Last season I was severely criticised, because of the mistakes I made. I am already immune to bitter words. I think I now have a hard skin, it was difficult for me, but I endured by focusing on the fact that there will be better opportunities ahead. Now I look towards the future with optimism."

There you have it mates, very touching if you ask me. I don't know about you, but I just can't see Fabianski leaving Arsenal on loan this year - it might not happen in the future too.