Thursday, August 26, 2010

José Mourinho didn't give an interview to the Daily Mirror - it's fake he says!

I thought the self acclaimed "special one" has risen to his epileptic fits once again, but the picture is clearer now or so I think. Earlier today some reputable news sources quoted the Portuguese tactician, and gave us a "fake" insight to the inner musings of one of the most controversial figures in World soccer.

It's quite funny what a somewhat concocted interview and a nicely written article in the press can do to effectively put a lid, or risk unleashing the wrath of someone they hate and like in equal measure. Well, such is the tale of former Fc Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and now Real Madrid manager José Mourinho.

The poor talkative allegedly said some mean things to a particular tabloid - the Daily Mirror to be precise. However, it seems José woke up on the left side of his bed this week. According to him 'everything we read, heard or believed concerning that interview is a lie' period! And he plans on taking legal action against the erring Media House pretty soon.

Maybe he realised the extent of the damage his cheeky tongue has caused already, and decides to amend his wrongdoings; not by offering apologies, but by using his sophistication as an ultimate weapon in sifting the facts down the drain as part of the rubble. One aspect of his public denial strikes me; he didn't retract the comments - which could possibly mean our sly old fox didn't commit the crime of insulting The Almighty Arsenal (I don't care about Capello, and other managerial tidbits included in the "fake" interview).

He denied it outrightly. This is clearly unlike the real and unrepentant José who apart from fame loves the act of bragging more than anything else in the World. I still think his involvement with the highly publicised rant isn't correct, or maybe it's an overstatement.

A statement courtesy his PR department read:

"Jose Mourinho has made no such statement to this newspaper, and that is why he adamantly denies saying anything that is written within it."

Whether he said it or not - two things will always be involved (1) I don't like his style. (2) I don't think I believe him or the newspaper (who knows who is really who), which means he's still accountable to us for his past and unreported insults against Arsenal fullstop.