Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Barcelona and the power of loyalty[part 2]

[Part 2] - Thus, within 14-years Arsene Wenger, has sold and equally groomed more stars than any top flight English club in the last decade. Judging from that premise, Barcelona and their stooges have resolved to the notion that things will be done as usual, a suggestion the Frenchman was quick to counter. To be exact, under the tutelage of Arsene Wenger, Cesc Fabregas has grown from an inexperienced protégé to a leader amongst men, and has recently affirmed his love for the fans and stressed his commitment to the club's genuine and patriotic quest to end their barren run.

So, what did Barcelona do, when they found out that their methods aren't yielding the desired results? Instead of pulling out honourably, they are bent on prolonging the saga, with a view of derailing Arsenal's plans for the upcoming season. This arrant nonsense has to stop. Arsenal and Cesc have come a long way. Those who for one reason or another believe he's heading to Spain this summer ought to have a rethink. Arsenal are a big club for crying out loud, and Barcelona are infringing on the contractual arrangement of our player whose time at North London is officially set to expire midway through the next decade. I refuse to join the Spanish outfit's bandwagon, Fabregas' only error, was that of omission. The 23-year-old's failure to disguise his true feelings towards his boyhood club, fuelled some baseless suggestions manufactured by some overpaid armchair critics who for now, are reaping the benefits of their deceitful seed.

But then again, Barcelona's hierarchy have made a big mistake with the incessant publication of our player's thoughts on the pages of their official website. For once, I have to admit that I appreciate Arsenal's close-door policy on transfers. And we must source for articles to support Barca's website, seriously they need an overhaul.

However, it is common knowledge that they 'want' Cesc, unknown to them we are in dire 'need' of his services, and sooner or later this will serve as a wake-up call to those fair weather friends who want to create an imaginery crisis between him and us, so as to fast forward the move without hitches.

However, we are equal to the task, and Barcelona have finally met their match. The Arsenal won't be taken for a ride this time. Our love affair with them has gone sour, divorce is inevitable, it's been nice doing business with you guys, but we really have to move on.

Indeed, these are trying times for Fabregas, but he should always count on us and other well-wishers as his true friends and comrades through out the duration of this dilemna and beyond.