Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Barcelona and the power of loyalty

Events of the past few months have successfully exposed some players and club(s) as mere opportunists who care little or at best nothing about loyalty and Friendship.

I lost my data card yesterday, so endeavour to bear with me. This post is gunner be divided into two parts, since I'm blogging with my mobile phone, consider this the first part.

Cesc, needs to understand that Pique, Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta aint no friends. We are your family - they could best be described as fair weather friends who are there when it is rosy but gone when the stark reality of having a highly talented orchestrator in their midst dawns on them.

There is nothing that shows this obnoxious fact perfectly in the limelight than the blatant campaign of calumny currently waged against the Arsenal, because of their refusal to let go. The rapidity at which Barcelona, and some half-baked pundits are agitating for the endorsement of the 'dream-deal' has inadvertently raised goose pimples as to what will be the outcome if we eventually take the gamble, and sell our skipper? The answer isn't far-fetched, a vast majority of those calling for Wenger's authentication, will no doubt condemn his decision in the near future, if peradventure our fortunes dwindle in respect to his absence.

Why Barcelona, need Fabregas, as far as I am concerned is still open to debate given their diversity in the department he hopes to vie for. Some optimistic Gooners recently attributed this unwelcome development to Arsenal's meek and almost inconclusive stance on the matter, a few others have blamed it on the false hype generated courtesy of the tabloids and the massive reception that greeted the news of the purported transfer rumour.

Barcelona and co. believe the essence of loyalty and friendship lies in the ability to achieve your set goals, even if it is done at the detriment of those you claim to like and respect. Whenever, the Arsenal, through the use of any medium attempt to stall their plan, their Spanish counterpart quickly create a diversion maintaining the onus of respect whilst plotting another means of unsettling a player who is on the payroll of the club in question.

Consequently, their actions reveal the betrayal on their part, as they commonly find it out of place to revere those who refuse to share their optimism. Even going as far as, tapping the subject who has clearly refused to be swayed by the present situation at North London, but believes in a bright future with the Gunners encapsulated in trophies and glory.

If they were to leave Arsenal and Fabregas alone, and refrained from inviting everybody to their charade, then no Gooner will begrudge their position. Don't forget respect they say "is reciprocal" in nature.

Arsenal's players are arguably the target of most European clubs. Bolton's insistence on Jack Wilshere, is a notable example, but I admire the manner in which Owen Coyle, has conducted his pursuit, at least it involves a sort of symbiotic relationship unlike the outright method set in motion by the Catalan giants.

It was in acknowledgement of these events, which are crystal clear that the club deemed it fit to issue an official statement via, which to the best of my knowledge, rebuffed claims that a massive pay cheque was at their desk simply awaiting clearance.

There was never a time, we the supporters opposed the decision of the club, all we pleaded for was caution on the club's part given the volatile nature of the English Premier League, and the team's status in the committee of clubs.

Unfortunately, for reasons that border on failure and absolute disregard for the tenets of our club, some football analysts have quoted the statement out of context and are continually misinterpreting the club's intentions, for their personal benefits.

Those who think Arsenal and their manager love smiling to the bank, are at it again! Funny enough, they missed their mark this time. They've failed to ask if and ultimately why the club actually sells it stars? Maybe because they are well acquainted with the numerous stories, which logically-speaking can be reffered to as correct.

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