Wednesday, July 7, 2010

At least one in!

There's confirmation on the official website, that ex Lorient star, Laurent Koscielny has finally being unveiled to the general public as a Gunner.

It aint new news is it? We've already performed the necessary rituals, since the Arsenal Board in conjunction with some unscrupulous elements connived to temporarily deprive us of the hype a new signing is bound to activate.

Koscielny' signing for now is undoubtedly a welcome development as far, as the Arsenal is concerned. Anyway our rivals beware! We've just officially signed an unknown but promising lad who is ready to claim his rightful place in the committee of Premiership elders. To be exact, our little ray of sunshine, cost us pretty much but we expect him to repay accordingly via the launching of fearless tackles on perpetual divers like those boys on the other side of London, and helping the Verminator in his honourable bid to twat the efforts of those cheating red devils, who just can't put their house in order.

Three big defensive guns are set to bow out of the big stage, and so far, so good we can boast of a newly signed centre-half, even though there is still need to strengthen our fragile backline, I think I like the new defensive outlook, hopefully Wenger and co. are still considering the possibility of bringing in a new and experienced defensive midfielder to aid Alex Song, in the effective discharge of his clearance duties.