Sunday, July 4, 2010

Arsenal linked with Sami Khedira and I dislike this transfer-limbo game!

The 23-year-old Germany international is currently linked with a big money move away from the Bundesliga, possibly to England, with Old Trafford and The Emirates earmarked as preferred destinations.

The German machines are currently hot topics on message -boards and forums, and as usual, the Gunners are keen on bidding for VFB Stuttgart' midfield maestro Sami Khedira, who is currently savouring the benefits of his fruitful enterprise in the company of his equally elated team-mates at the ongoing Fifa 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where they hope to clinch the coveted World Cup trophy.

Arsene Wenger is reportedly keen on consolidating his frail defence, and some murmurs in the usual creepy corners of this planet, where some influential people in the know divulge the latest transfer speculation with careless abandon (no regards to the linked-player's contractual agreement with his present club and vice versa), believe the Professor is ready and willing to compete favourably with the likes of Manchester DisUnited, Inter Milan, Juventus and Fiorentina for the €25m rated Bundesliga lad.

Anyway I'd be amused if our old man decides to take the bull by the horn! We all know it will take a camel passing gleefully through the eye of a needle for Arsene of all people, to do away with the procedural traits of bargaining enshrined in him - especially for a club record signing of that nature.

Still no mention of Laurent koscielny's name on the official website, despite the acknowledgement of the fact that he's currently chillin' somewhere in the luxurious places of London, I don't know about you, but this secrecy thing is really getting on my nerves! Wtf, everybody's signing and carrying the fans along, I dare say throughout the negotiation process e.g City (Yaya), Barca (Villa), Madrid... Arsenal (we will announce soon).

Some things just don't change or do they? We don't hype signings on our own, the club slyly pushes us to, I'm contented with the finances of our dear club, I'm happy we don't lavish recklessly on uncalled for signings like some Catalan mugs, but for my bet's sake Koscielny or any youngster (shout out to younggunsblog - is any prospective kid coming up?) must join the Arsenal before noon tomorrow, or else! Okay, someone will be smiling to the bank by that time tomorrow, and it definitely won't be me.

All the same, I believe the rumours will nosedive immediately the club scraps that Transfer-linked crap on and furnishes us with real details instead of ctrl+c - ctrl+v articles from the all-knowing Sun and DM.

I can't believe we've already lost Fran Merida to Athletico, Philippe Senderos to our next door neighbour, about to lose Sylvestre, Eduardo, Campbell and Gallas, and yet no official announcement from the club with respect to their replacements. Please lets endeavour to ship Wenger a handy £15 Nokia phone, after all I heard both parties are awaiting his confirmation via phone, the earlier someone affords him a means of communication the better for us.