Sunday, July 11, 2010

Arsene Wenger runs as fast as his legs can carry

I can't blame him for backing off, or what is he supposed to do in a situation whereby Bordeaux, are prepared to exert a sort of jungle justice on the Arsenal, for their failure to grease their engines prior to the capture of Maroaune Chamakh from their unsuspecting noses?

So you'd like Arsene Wenger, to pay an inflated sum of £22m for an overrated (based on his World Cup performance) star? Anyway it's a matter of personal conviction.

Arsenal, are out of the race for his signature, but we won't be missed. Thanks to other fast guys, who are prepared to go an extra mile in other to force the Haillan outfit to reduce their astronimical asking price.

Okay, we won't gun for him and that could invariably mean Wenger, has successfully fended off some poor old-fashioned c**ts in the guise of wise-men who to their dismay failed to beat the seasoned tactician at his own game in South Africa, where they were billed to effectively thrash out the Cesc Fabregas transfer issue once and for all.

Aha! Based on how you viewed the scenario, or the perspective you choose to stand by, one aspect is certain we've being spared another embarassment in the making. Inasmuch as, I hate the erstwhile France manager (Raymond Domenech), obviously because he dropped Nasri, I must also reiterate my displeasure especially for mutinous behaviour, it is common knowledge that an internal feud powered by Gourcuff's alleged stubbornness cost France a second round berth at the ongoing World Cup. oh! Lest I forget, Thanks to Domenech, for excluding Nasri, from his woeful final squad, I wonder what stance our boy would've taken during their problematic stay in South Africa? Gallas must be thanking his lucky stars.

Like I said earlier, there is no shortage of interest for the 23-year-old, who three years ago signed for Italian giants Ac Milan, for 16% of the current fee being agitated for by his President Jean-Louis Triaud.

Despite the fact, that his output for the ousted France team is nothing to write home about, their Ligue1 rivals Olympique Lyonnais, and a couple of Russian prospectors are ready to have a go, with regards to a potential move. O.L's President Jean-Michel Aulas, voiced his unreserved concern pertaining Gourcuff's price tag, and I think Wenger ostensibly borrowed a leaf from him when he told Telefoot:

"We are not interested (in Gourcuff) and we were never contacted.

"He's a player I like a lot, but we are sufficiently covered in midfield."

Meanwhile, as far as, Aulas is concerned his bereaved counterpart (Triaud - he can't fathom why Chamakh is in an Arsenal shirt), will definitely come home to roost, the principal reason being Wenger's decision to step down after an unsuccessful attempt to sign the talented youngster, who is now a bona fide member of the notorious bad boys gang.

Aulas is arguably Gourcuff's #1 fan, and as such, he hopes a bid in the region of £15m can do the magic, I wish him all the best though.