Friday, July 9, 2010

Ajax set Van der Wiel price

Ajax are reportedly ready to sell Arsenal transfer target Gregory Van der Wiel, to the highest bidder.

The energetic youngster is expected to fetch his club a cheeky sum of money, between the region of €17-20m. The Eredivisie side intends to re-invest the estimated benefit that will be accrued to their coffers on their future youth projects.

Meanwhile, some keen admirers e.g Bayern Munich, are willing to have a go, and if unattributed rumours are to be taken by the weight of their content, then some of Europe's elite big spenders will definitely set plans in motion to effect a hassle-free move for Van Der Wiel.

Since a potential transfer is probable - one aspect is certain, the 21-year-old "attack-minded" center-half will surely enjoy the mass publicity this summer' transfer activity is bound to accord him.