Friday, June 4, 2010

When will Joe Cole sign for Arsenal?

I'm sick and tired of all these "he's already signed or about to sign in an hour" baseless rumours - why can't they for now, be referred to as mere speculation?

Everywhere I go it either Joe Cole has rejected Chelsea's £120k for Arsenal's offer of £110k or the deal is about to be concluded in a matter of minutes - my problem has nothing to do with the fact that he's being linked with us, it all has to do with 'when' this much anticipated transfer will be finalised? Maybe it's happening! You never can tell, or it could as well, be the other way round.

I've turned a blind eye to this rumour for sometime now, but I seriously weighed the benefits of commenting on the issue, because I realised the reasons were viable.

There's no doubt that this transfer might be a possibility given the fact that Joe Cole still has an iota of love for the Arsenal, partly because he grew up in the North London area of the Metropolis, and the mere fact that he's English could sweeten the purpoted deal further.

Remember, the proposed new rules will be effective in 3 years, considering the array of foreign players who are on the Gunners pay-roll, it won't be 'business-done-bad' if Arsene Wenger succeeds in his alleged plot to bring Cole to the Emirates.
For the avoidance of doubt, the new rules are agitating for equality amongst clubs and with UEFA set to endorse them, they'll surely spell doom for high-spenders such as; Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and even some other smaller clubs, who are buying well beyond their means.

Recently rumours about the switch were peddled unnecessarily in the media, the funny aspect is - they all had one thing in common, an insider source divulging information on the player's current state of affairs, which basically I think is a ploy to force Chelsea into negotiations so he can formally table his complaints.

The reports cited some inexcusable reasons like his close ties with Arsenal as a boyhood fan (just like Cesc/Barca), discontentment at Stamford Bridge and most importantly for family reasons.

But an article in today's edition of Daily Star stated in explicit terms that Chelsea fc have withdrawn their offer of a new contract to the England international, which if true prompted suggestions that Arsenal, Man United and Spurs are all gearing up for competition in a virtual race for his signature.

The report believes Cole is yet to extend his stay with the Blues, simply because none of the proposed talks have actually taken place.

Since we haven't made any offer for Gourcuff yet, it remains to be seen, whether Nasri would switch into the centre-midfield as a playmaker (i.e. If Fabregas is sold to Barcelona), and Joe - if he joins, on the left/right wing and he might occasionally render support to our attackers.
For now, lets hope he signs, but as far as, I am concerned it is just speculation until both parties put ink to paper on an agreement.