Friday, June 4, 2010

Won't Barca give up?

Joan Laporta has rubbished speculation Cesc could resort to the infamous Webster ruling to accelerate his transfer. I must admit that is the only positive from today's edition of Cesc Fabregas' long walk to Spain.

Nothing much apart from that.
Honestly, I thought we had won the Cesc transfer war, but it is crystal clear the club's hierarchy just postponed proceedings pending a mega offer from the Catalan talent poachers.

Well, since Barcelona and their extensive board of commando-cum-administrators have deliberately refused to read the writing on the wall, I think it is time Hill-Wood and co. cleared the mist of uncertainty clouding our captain's future. Something like "£80m or no deal" on the official website could go a long way in driving the potential suitors to nuts. I've got this innocuous feeling Real Madrid could play a fast one on Barca irrespective of the lad's stance on the matter.

One aspect is certain, Barcelona want Cesc, while Arsenal need him, so I don't expect the Joan's (Laporta and Oliver) to cry foul if we attempt to fleece them in the process of this unlikely deal.
The Board is been cautious with their proposed offer, because they are aware of what a good outing in the forthcoming World Cup could do to the 23-year-old's current price.

After all, they paid "exorbitantly" for a striker who has failed to live up to his huge transfer fee, so why should our playmaker's case be different?

Speaking to Barca's official website Joan Laporta, attempted to rack up support for their Cesc bid by defending the offer made on Tuesday by corporate director General Joan Oliver: "It is a price that we consider to be market value," Laporta said.

"Arsenal rejected it and now it is the technical secretary (Txiki Begiristain) should decide what will happen next.

"The lines of communication are still open, I am confident that Arsenal will end up understanding the situation. For Cesc, the best thing would be to complete the transfer as soon as possible, before the start of the World Cup.

"But I recognise that it will be complicated because Arsenal are totally within their rights to stand firm and we have to respect that."

The president dismissed reports suggesting Cesc Fabregas could enlist the provisions of Article 17 of Fifa's regulations, known as the Webster's Ruling, which states that a player who signed a deal before the age of 28 can buy himself out of the remainder of the contract three years after the deal was signed: "I am not sure that Cesc would want to enter into that," he replied.

"But we want to reach an agreement by talking to Arsenal rather than look at legal measures.
We respect Arsenal a great deal and we will continue to talk and go down that part."

In case, Fabregas decides to venture into the murky waters of the post-bosman rule and peradventure wins, he will only pay £28.6m to buy out his £110,000 a-week contract, which is very unlikely. So, Barca must pay the required fee or throw in the towel.