Friday, June 25, 2010

So Chamakh wants Gourcuff?

Some influential websites are trying to sell an idealistic rumour, some diehard fans will be tempted to buy.

In just one sentence our new boy wants Arsene Wenger to invest heavily on his former Bordeaux mate Yoann Gourcuff. If there is an iota of truth in those reports, then it's pertinent to note that it indirectly speaks volumes of Cesc Fabregas' lingering case with Barcelona.

Marouane Chamakh isn't naive, with regards to happenings at the Emirates, maybe he knows something they are hiding from us or maybe not!

Or preferably we can all assume a smart guy made that up with the help of some rehashed quotes. I tried to trace the origin of the reports and I must conclude there is a mist of uncertainty clouding the originality of the latest Arsenal transfer speculation in town, I'm looking forward to the official version of the rumour on the club's website.