Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Per Mertesacker to Arsenal for £10m?

The Daily Mail believes Arsene Wenger is set to re-ignite the Mertesacker flame, as he (an assumption) ponders the effectiveness of his strict transfer policy.

The defender has made his mark on the "daily bound to Arsenal" front - I sincerely can't remember the first time his name came up, but I think the speculation gained notoriety two years ago during that Summer' Transfer window. Anyway, this is one rumour I'd like to give credence, for the past five years and counting - Arsenal have been constantly subjected to the lowest level of ridicule given their inability to withstand aerial bombardment, a sly strategy currently employed by the likes of Stoke City, Blackburn and other Premiership thugs, who celebrate set-piece' situations without regards to the outcome, which frequently serves as a potential goal spinner for them.

At 6ft 6in, the German International is arguably a giant in his own right, who will help solve our perennial defensive problems, especially from set-pieces as another exciting campaign beckons.

With Lorient' defender Laurent Koscielny on his way to the Emirates, and Sol Campbell undecided about his future, Arsene might consider the 25-year old Werder Bremen skipper a viable option to ease our displeasure at losing three valuable defenders to our rivals, no thanks to the infamous Bosman ruling.

The report expects Arsenal' chief scout Steve Rowley, who is reportedly keeping tabs on Mertesacker to put in a good word for him in order to accelerate transfer proceedings.
In other words, Arsenal are capable of breaking the German outfit' resolve. By simply agreeing to the terms of a fee within the region of £10m (I know we have the $$$$, but for some obvious reason can't spend), Anyway I'm looking forward to Koscielny' arrival, these days we herald the announcement of a new player with so much reverence, I wonder what will happen if we are to sign a certain MESSI or C.RONALDO?