Monday, May 3, 2010

Wenger: Relax People! Nobody knew about Vermaelen when I bought him

Arsene Wenger cannot claim ignorance of the fact that the best his boys can finish this season in the Barclays Premier League is third.

No thanks to our London neighbours (Tottenham), and those comeback idiots (Wigan Pathetic) I'll have to watch Chelsea and United duel for the title while I pray and hope Lord Wenger does a reality check on himself.
As usual, le boss wants our trust, and has promised to spend a little bit of the money generated from the sale of Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure on one or two players. Even as we anticipate the arrival of Bordeaux's striker Marouane Chamakh on a free transfer: "They have to trust us," he said.

"Historically we have done well in the transfer market.
"Last summer we bought Thomas Vermaelen, nobody knew about him and now he is in the team of the year so they just have to keep faith in what we do.

"As always we will try to be intelligent, sensible and take care of this club in the right way."

He ruled out the possibility of luring Blackburn's 18-year-old defender Phil Jones to the Emirates: "He's had a few good games," he said. "But we've not made an inquiry about him, I think he is a good player - but not yet. He needs to play longer to really assess him.

Wenger revealed that a couple of underperformers (e.g Sylvestre) are surplus to requirements at the Emirates. According to the manager: "One or two will go out, which happens every year," Wenger stated.
The old man quickly defended his statement: "The first target is to keep the squad together,"He told Arsenal Tv Online.

"This team has a future I believe the players want to have a future together and that is why it is my job to keep them together."

On the prospect of finishing third, Wenger told that finishing third in the future is unacceptable: "You are never happy when you do not win the Championship, but I believe it was a massive handicap to have many players out going into the final sprint.

"We maintained our consistent position in the top three and I believe nobody expected that from us at the start of the season, so we have done certainly beyond expectation.

"But still for us it is not good enough because we want to win the Championship."

So mates, prepare for a couple Vermaelen-like signings, because the manager is ready to challenge for the title next season, probably with the help of a few summer recruits.