Friday, May 14, 2010

Should flapped Flamini come back?

This short but crisp letter was written by 16-year-old Hassan Ahmed from Cairo, who is a regular reader of this blog.

When news of his impending exit hit the airwaves every gooner screamed 'leave' Abou Diaby will take care of business.Diaby has failed to leave up to our expectations - and I think Wenger must cash-in on him before the end of the World Cup.

Meanwhile, Flamini's career has taken a deep plunge ever since he turned his back at an opportunity of playing regularly at Arsenal.

Although, the circumstances leading to his exit are still unclear, I hope Wenger reconsiders his former protégé by bringing him back.
So many gooners are still angry with his departure - but we must understand that football is played by professionals who consider the sport as a career, and I still believe Gallas will be leaving the Emirates for a similar reason.

Is our problem really cash? I doubt!
Flamini's decision to leave was foolish, but I can't blame him. The Arsenal board is the real culprit and I hope we can lure him back.

Thanks for your letter Ahmed, but
Mathieu Flamini has revealed that he will stay at Milan, despite interest from England. And just like you clearly stated Flamini made a mistake by choosing Milan (at that time Milan still employed the services of Kaka, and other notable midfielders e.g Gennaro Gattuso, Andrea Pirlo, Massimo Ambrosini, and Clarence Seedorf), the possibility of watching from the sidelines was real and Flamini can't blame naivety for his decision.

He told L'equipe some months ago that he's aware of interest from England, but he isn't thinking of a move away from the capital: "I'm following the interest towards me of big English clubs but my priority is Milan.

"I'm at a legendary club, one of the greatest in the World. I feel very good there, I'm counting on imposing myself, at this moment. I'm in full possesion of my abilities."

Well, lets hope he rediscovers his form, as far as, I'm concerned Flamini might never play for Arsenal again.
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