Saturday, May 8, 2010

He finally says I do and pledges to return

How I wish Emmanuel Adebayor and Mikael Sylvestre (when he leaves) could be fondly remembered by the fans.

If you've noticed Marouane Chamakh, has cleverly refused to divulge information concerning his destination (I know we figured it out already), but in this interview with Le Parisien I think he forgot the suspense act.

Even Arsene Wenger was aware of this, trust the manager, he decided to play cool just in case: "There is nothing official," he said, although he expressed optimism in securing the services of the boy. Personally I couldn't fathom the possibility of our man (pardon my enthusiasm) being hijacked en route to North London by our back-stabbing rival whose players are intoxicated by their foray into the big stage.

He told Today's edition of Le Parisien: "Arsenal is a great club. I've loved the club for a very long time. I will realise my dream. Their game fits me, I've like the Championship since I was little.

"I hope that I'll take great pleasure and feel as well as I did in the Girondins. And who knows, maybe I will come back one day to Bordeaux."