Friday, April 30, 2010

Revealed: Valdes why I tried to stop Mourinho from celebrating

Internazionale fans have every right to report Barcelona, to UEFA for unsporting behaviour at the Camp Nou during their Champions League encounter.

Barca's theatrics on the pitch to say the least were appaling.
First and foremost, Motta didn't deserve a red card for raising his hand into the face of Sergio Busquets.
Replays showed minimal contact, and I won't blame the player for confronting his counterpart after the incident seemingly accusing him of unprofessionalism.

The use of sprinklers even when they were aware of their visitors presence in the pitch is worth mentioning.
Personally I think Barcelona should be ashamed of themselves, the ball boys occasionally threw a few extra balls - that goes a long way to prove how prepared the Catalan giants were prior to the match.

During his Press conference Mourinho gave no importance to the event. But Valdes gave a complete account of the incident to Spanish newspaper Sport.
According to the Tabloid, the following is what transpired between the duo.

"Like a possessed man, Mourinho jumped the quadrilateral fixed fenced to celebrate his win.
As the portuguese coach was running and making a plane he met Victor Valdes, who stopped him," the paper wrote.
Q: Valdes "Where are you going Jose? The keeper maintains that his intention was to prevent an altercation between the coach and the fans.
A: "Let me go," Mourinho snapped, pointing to the third tier.
Valdes: "Do not go there," the player reiterated.
At this point, it took the intervention of the referee to seperate the duo.

Although, the party continued immediately - Barca must learn from the humility shown by teams (e.g Arsenal, Stuttgart) they beat on their way to the Semi final.