Monday, March 22, 2010

Zola - Arsenal play like Barcelona

Former Chelsea player and current West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola,
showered praises on Arsenal's unique style of play and hammered
Chelsea for their uninspiring method.

He criticised Chelsea's football style not minding that he was still
revered at Stamford Bridge. He arrived at the conclusion that only
Barcelona were capable of matching Arsenal's tenacity and magnificient
ball control prowess.

Zola speaking in the aftermath, of another devastating blow to their
fight for survival in the Barclays Premier League, admitted that he
isn't ashamed to lose to Arsenal. Because they are a much better team.

"When we played Chelsea last week they probably didn't play with the
same quality or intensity as Arsenal," the Chelsea legend said.
"Arsenal are terrible, if you leave them a little bit of space they
punish you.

"Arsenal along with Barcelona, are the teams who are playing the best
football in Europe probably. They are very good to watch.

"Whether they are going to be able to do that until the end I don't
know. That's the question that everybody is asking."

Zola believes they should have walked out of the Emirates with at
least a goal or point to show for their troubles: "Arsenal played some
good football but there were some moments when we matched them
completely. Arsenal and Chelsea are both good teams and they will be
in contention until the end that is for sure."

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