Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guardiola: We'll be fit for Arsenal

Barcelona's coach Josep Guardiola is adamant "There is no such thing
as tiredness" as they enter the most crucial stage of the season.

With Osasuna, Mallorca, Arsenal and Real Madrid awaiting them in the
space of three weeks. The Barca boss has refused to give in to
speculation that his team will run out of steam, especially as they
face a tricky Champions League tie with Arsenal next week. He insisted
that "there is no such thing as being tired at this stage of the
campaign," he told reporters, adding "It's only in the first part of
the season that you can live off your memories of what you achieved
last year."

Guardiola earlier admitted that he was hoping for an easier draw, but
he understands that the draw has been made and the Gunners can't be
avoided neither will they be feared, because his team is Ok and
capable of mounting a formidable trophy defence: "If you want to
compete for titles, you have to reach a point of excellence we have
achieved," he said.

"These players must have something going for them. We are in the
quarter finals of the Champions League. We have to visit grounds where
elements other than just sporting could play a part, but the team
looks good to me."

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